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Starting the Year With a Blank Slate

   Empty walls, shelves, desks, and chairs

I went into school the other day to look around, think about the start of the school year, and take some pics for my blog. I actually took a video of my classroom, but, as of now, I can’t get it to download…apparently it’s too big or I’m too technologically-challenged. How frustrating! I have put in a call to my favorite technologically savvy friend to see if she can help me out.

Since I couldn’t get the video to work, I went back to school this morning with my FLIP video camera in hopes of that working and…voila! Here it is!!! Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Thanks to my friend for helping me figure it all out. I’m definitely learning as I go. Just like my students, I guess.

As I hope you can see, I have a lot to work with. I have an awesome classroom, and I truly do wonder what new and special faces will be in my classroom this year. The opportunities are endless, and every day will bring something new. That’s why I believe that I have the best job in the world! Like Forrest Gump says…you never know what you’re going to get.

About heatherk5

I am an enthusiastic, energetic, fifth grade teacher who loves reading, writing, and working with my students.

14 responses to “Starting the Year With a Blank Slate

  1. nzshamm

    I love the video! I really liked your commentary as you showed us your classroom! Great ideas and thoughts in your blog! Can’t wait to see what else you blog about!

  2. I am so jealous that you have a banner with your name on it hanging outside your door! I love it; maybe I can start that at my school. I enjoyed the video of your classroom and did not expect such an organized narrative to accompany it. Good job with being able to post the video too. I know we’re all learning this as we go.

    • heatherk5

      Thanks, Kirby! Apparently the banner is a big hit…I do love it, I guess I just take it for granted. I can find out who makes them for us if you want me to. Maybe I can link that in a future blog…we are learning so many things, aren’t we? I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Angie Gulliford ⋅

    I love setting up my classroom! You would think that after all the years that I have been teaching that I would get tired of it, but I never do. I too, love thinking about al the possiblities of the new year. I am so excited to try some of the new ideas I’ve gotten from everyone in MLIT 5. And since the paper is done, maybe I can started on thinking how to set things up differently. I am looking forward to see what your going to do with that room!

    • heatherk5

      Yay! There is something so exciting about the “newness” of a school year. The possibilities are endless, our wishes are BIG, and our goals are limitless!!! Can’t wait to see what happens this year.

  4. theparalyzer ⋅

    I love preparing a classroom for the new school year. The feeling of hope and possibilities–it’s the best! I really enjoyed seeing your classroom. What a great room! I hope you post pics when it is ready for the year.

    • heatherk5

      I love preparing my room for the year, too! It’s full of potential and possibilities. I’m always interested to see what I’m going to keep and what will change…hmm…I’m sensing another blog entry on this one!

  5. Heather…I loved your video it made me see 5th grade in a new light! These are the same wonders and feelings I feel in kindergarten! Can I just say…..I want a sign outside my room like that! Yahoo, Mrs. Kraus!

  6. apont

    Heather, my room looks very similar! I moved into a 5th grade room, so I will have to drop it down to kindy style in two weeks! I hope all my furniture was ordered. It looks like you have a pretty big room; have fun getting ready! 🙂

    • heatherk5

      I can’t wait to hear how your room turned out. Was it a big change to move from your old kindergarten room to a 5th grade room? Are you by any other 5th grade rooms? I’m sure you’ve made it your own and your kiddos are loving it!!!

  7. Wow! We old girls can learn new tricks. I am proud of you. I like your room and it doesn’t look that empty. You had a few things up on the wall. It looks great though- carpet, color on the walls and a nice size room. Have fun setting up!

  8. surfer ⋅

    That’s what the classroom looked like before everything was posted!

    • heatherk5

      I know…it’s like starting a drawing with a blank sheet of paper. That’s what I love about the start of a school year. You can make it anything you want it to be!

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