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Novel Study Workshop and Presentations

In reading this month, 5K has been engaged in, inspired by, and enthralled with our Schooled by Gordon Korman novel study. Schooled is a fantastic realistic fiction story about Capricorn “Cap” Anderson, a 13-year-old boy who has grown up on a commune. When his grandmother, Rain is injured and has to spend time in a hospital and rehabilitation facility to heal, Cap’s world is turned upside-down. Having no other family or friends to stay with, Cap must live with strangers in the “real” world, a world from which Rain has spent her whole life shielding Cap. For the first time, Cap experiences public school, TV, bullies, and many other firsts.

This novel serves as an excellent mentor text which I use to teach previewing and predicting skills, character development, and point of view (to name a few). As this book is character-driven, the culminating activity was to create a character analysis Power Point to be presented to the class. We checked out our school’s laptop computers for the week, learned how to use the Internet to search for images and information, discussed presentation skills, referred to our Reader’s Notebooks, and prepared some pretty incredible Power Point presentations.

Workshop Time

Cody Works Hard on His Presentation

Graci’s Final Presentation

The top question of the week, as we finished up our presentations: “Mrs. Kraus, are we going to get to read another novel, and can we do a Power Point presentation for that?” My answer: “Absolutely, and I’m thinking a podcast may be in order for the next novel study!” Stay tuned…

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7 responses to “Novel Study Workshop and Presentations

  1. niki1975

    Way to weave in so much technology! I might have to steal your podcast idea once you have posted it! 🙂

  2. surfer ⋅

    I loved doing that!!!

  3. surfer ⋅

    Schooled was such a fun novel study!

    • heatherk5

      “Schooled” remains one of my favorite novel studies! I think Gordon Korman does such an amazing job in developing Cap’s story. He changes so much through the novel, and he also helps to change everyone else with whom he comes in contact. To me, that’s a pretty powerful development of character! I think we all learned so much from Cap’s experiences. I know this book helps me to be a better person!

      • surfer ⋅

        Schooled was a great book! Next year, maybe you could do a pod cast for this awesome novel study! Even though you did only one I still can’t stand listening to my voice. How can people be actors and listen to their voice?

  4. surfer ⋅

    Possibly next year you could do the whole book instead of one chapter. I think everyone could learn something from it!

    • surfer ⋅

      I am saying about the Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School by Candace Fleming. Sorry!!! 🙂 😦

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