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Welcome Summer Readers!!!

Welcome to a summer filled with great reading and good times! To get you ready to read, check out these two YouTube videos on reading. The first one, “Reading in the USA,” was actually directed and filmed by a graduate of the masters program that Miss Shammas and I are in…we know him, so I guess we are almost famous! The “Gotta Keep Reading” is another favorite one of mine. I hope they get you in the mood for some excellent summer reading!

I am super excited to welcome all of the Shark summer readers and parents to my, or should I say our blog! This is going to be the place where we will share our great reads, make book recommendations, talk about some good reading websites to visit, and generally celebrate all of the great reading we are doing! I have included the Summer Reading Packet and the bookmark in case you need them.

Handout Packet

My Top Summer Reads Bookmarks

Do you have a library card??? If you don’t, be sure to stop in to the Oswego Public Library and get one…they’re free, you know! While you’re there, you can sign up for their awesome summer reading program! That’s free, too!

How great is it to be surrounded by books all summer long? I can’t wait to dive into my Someday List! Here are some of the titles on my list: Bigger Than a Breadbox by Laurel Snyder, Ghost of Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen (the sequel to one of my very favorites, Touching Spirit Bear), and I can’t wait to continue reading the Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins! There are so many great books to read…summer can’t get here fast enough! Happy reading, Sharks!

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I am an enthusiastic, energetic, fifth grade teacher who loves reading, writing, and working with my students.

42 responses to “Welcome Summer Readers!!!

  1. Awesome! I love your blog 😀 I looked at some of your posts and I think they’re really neat.

    • heatherk5

      Thanks! I am glad you like the blog. Hopefully you will keep visiting it! I’ll try to keep things neat so you will want to return. Which post did you like the most?



    • heatherk5

      Tell you what, Ashley…since school is almost out, I want you to keep reading. You and I can talk about what we are reading. That will help out a lot! I find that when I talk about what I’m reading, I better understand it. You will have to let me know if that’s helping you. What are you reading right now?

  3. Graci Olson ⋅

    Hi Mrs.Kraus! Thank you so much for that awesome video! It made me cry and I don’t want to leave fifth grade. 😦 I sent the video to Jada through email and she loved it and also cried!

  4. Graci Olson ⋅

    Hi Mrs.Kraus! I loved the video you made all of us! I sent it to Jada through email and she loved it! We both cried!

    • heatherk5

      That video was a special way for 5K to remember all the great experiences we shared this year! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much and shared it with Jada…tears are a sign of times that were important and that will be missed:)

  5. xXAnneXx ⋅

    hey mrs.kraus! its anne! i miss u already!

  6. xXAnneXx ⋅

    im going to ask my mom to go to the public library to get a library card this summer!

    • heatherk5

      This post made me smile! Go get that library card…it’ll open up a huge world of great books and reading opportunities. Let me know when you get it!!!! I use my library card a lot. Yay for you:)

  7. Emmitt Short ⋅

    Happy summer!!!!!!!
    Hello Mrs. Kraus this is Emmitt and I wanted to tell you that I might be getting braces. So whenever the Sharron Draper party is, I will be showing off my railroad tracks.

    I am reading the book Fast and the Furriest. It is about an overweight boy named Kevin. He lives in a family of super athletes. Kevin’s dog Cromwell isn’t on the exercise train either. Like Kevin he just eats and sleeps. One day Kevin is sitting in the basement with Cromwell watching TV. Kevin turns to animal planet and a dog obstacle course is taking place. Then all at once Cromwell takes off and it seems as if he was in the race on TV. That’s how far I’m in the story. Stay tuned for more info.

    • heatherk5

      Braces? VERY cool…will I recognize you at our reunion???? The book you’re reading sounds pretty good. I already have a prediction about Cromwell and what’s going to happen. Do you? I think Cromwell is going to end up running dog obstacle courses, and he’s going to win some prizes for his talents. You’ll have to let me know if I’m right! Happy reading!

  8. surfer ⋅

    I am sure I will be finishing up the Sisters Grimm series. Thanks for bringing that series to me! If you finish up one of the books, tell me! Hope you have a wonderful summer!!! See you at swimming! When I was reading on Miss Shammas on her website, I never knew she swam or was a swim coach. That is so KOOL!

    • heatherk5

      We have a lot of good reading and times ahead, don’t we? I will definitely let you know when I start reading the rest of the Sisters Grimm series. I actually might get back to those when I’m done with my current book, Stranded, by Ben Mikaelsen. I will for sure be blogging about it. Stay tuned!!!

  9. surfer ⋅

    Whenever you see the name surfer it’s Garrett.

  10. hi mrs Kraus its Ashley Nichols from bus 3 and the book I posted yesterday is good i’m half way through now today my mom bought me a cool book its helpful heres the title : The Care and Keeping of YOU by: Valorie Lee Schaefer

    • heatherk5

      The new book you have sounds like it’s a good one for kids growing up. What’s it about? Is it informational text or fiction? It must be really good if you’re already half-way through the book and you just got it!!! That’s some great reading. I love when I get a good book, and I can’t put it down!

  11. Miss Shammas ⋅

    Did you guys know that Tom Angleberger is coming out with a new book????? It is called The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett: An Origami Yoda Book!!!!

  12. surfer ⋅

    Never mind, I heard you couldn’t open the disc. My mom is trying to send it to you but it is a pain in the neck

  13. emmitt short ⋅

    What color braces do you think I shall get!

    • emmitt short ⋅

      I am still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am reading the Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary. And it’s Awesome, but not as awesome as me.

    • surfer ⋅

      I think you should get green and orange my fav colors!!! – Garrett (surfer)

  14. emmitt short ⋅


  15. emmitt short ⋅

    Who is surfer by the way.

  16. emmitt short ⋅

    Never mind I just read surfer’s recent post. Sorry Garrett

  17. Stone ⋅

    Me and my mom are reading the book Everlost. It is strange but cool. I am looking forward to finishing this book this summer.

    • heatherk5

      Stone, I am so glad you and your mom are spending quality time reading together! I bet you’re having some great discussions about the book. This book, from what I understand, can be a bit challenging to read. I’m totally impressed with you taking the challenge. You are setting a great example for all readers out there…read with a parent, a friend, a teacher…the conversations you will have about what you’re reading will be helpful and priceless! Everlost is by one of my very favorite authors, Neal Shusterman. I have not read this series of his, though. Are you liking it so far? Who is it about? What is happening? What would you rate it so far on a scale of one (poor) to five (awesome)? I’d love to hear what your mom thinks about it, too. Tell her she can blog with me, too:) Happy reading!!!

  18. emmitt short ⋅

    I am so exited to read the Fabled Fifth graders of Aesop Elementary. I am almost 1/2 done with it but it starts of great.

  19. emmitt short ⋅

    Hey Stone my name is Emmitt I was wondering if you could post a plot or tell me a little bit about Everlost. It sounds interesting. If not you can email me at

  20. emmitt short ⋅

    There is a tornado warning at my house today.

  21. emmitt short ⋅

    I read over 100 pages in the Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary. My family all sat in the living room yesterday and we all had a quiet reading time.

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