Some “Hot” Summer Reading Tips

Thumbs Up
You are all getting a big “thumbs-up” from me on your summer reading! Woohoo for you!!! I am so glad that I have heard from many of you already this summer. I am totally thrilled to hear about all the great books you are enjoying! Many of you have been using your Someday Lists to get new titles to read. Hopefully, if you need a new book to read, you’ll visit the comments sections of our blog to help get you some new titles.

I love how one of our SB friends mentioned that he and his mom are reading a book…together! I LOVE THAT!!! He has taken on a pretty challenging book to read. Have you ever done that? I know that when I’m reading something a bit more difficult or confusing, it really helps to talk to someone who has read or is reading the book, too. It gives us a chance to ask questions…Did you understand that part? What does this mean? What do you think will happen next? How did that happen? It’s like having your own personal book club…created by you! I noticed that another SB friend mentioned how he and his family are spending time reading together. That comment made me smile, because it’s a fantastic way to spend quality family time together. What cool ideas! Let me know if anyone else decides to do some of their reading with others. I’d like to hear about it!

I’ve been playing this really cool word game app on my phone. It’s called Word Search for Kids, and it was free to download. It’s pretty fun because it’s basically a word search game…which I totally love!!! I have been playing it when I have a few minutes here or there. My favorite part about the game is it tells me how fast I completed the word search puzzle. I’m pretty competitive, so I like to see if I can beat my best time on each game. Let me know if you try it out!

Word Search for Kids App

I just finished reading “Stranded” and “Ghost of Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen. I’d give both books 5 stars, for sure. If you like whales and animal rescues, you will really like “Stranded.” “Ghost of Spirit Bear” is the sequel to “Touching Spirit Bear,” one of my very favorite books of all times. I will probably do something with these books in my class next year, along with some other Ben Mikaelsen books. I’m even thinking an author study on him would be really cool. Did you know that he used to have a 700-pound black bear named Buffy? He’s a very fascinating author and man. That’s why I’m thinking we will learn more about him next year!


Summer Reading Gets Underway!!!

Well, friends, I’m happy to say that today is Day 1 of your summer vacation! It’s going to be a great summer, and I can’t wait to jump in and begin to read all the books that are stacked three-feet high on my nightstand.

I’m super excited because many of you have already contacted me about the books YOU are reading. That’s really KOOL!!!!! Here’s the scoop on what I’m reading right now…

The book is called “Stranded” by Ben Mikaelsen.
stranded_cover[1] I’m only about a third of the way through the book, but I’m completely hooked! It’s about a 12-year-old girl named Koby who lives by the ocean. She lost her foot 4 years ago in an accident, her parents are splitting up, and she goes out to sea everyday in her little boat because that’s where she is happiest. One day, when she is out at sea, she comes across an injured mother whale who gives birth to a baby whale. She ends up helping them out and names the mother “Lady” and the baby “Squirt.” I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have a feeling Koby is going to make a huge difference in Lady and Squirt’s lives.

Ben Mikaelsen happens to be the author of one of my favorite novels, “Touching Spirit Bear.” Check out this Prezi presentation I found on the Internet…it ends with a book trailer on the book.