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Summer Reading Gets Underway!!!

Well, friends, I’m happy to say that today is Day 1 of your summer vacation! It’s going to be a great summer, and I can’t wait to jump in and begin to read all the books that are stacked three-feet high on my nightstand.

I’m super excited because many of you have already contacted me about the books YOU are reading. That’s really KOOL!!!!! Here’s the scoop on what I’m reading right now…

The book is called “Stranded” by Ben Mikaelsen.
stranded_cover[1] I’m only about a third of the way through the book, but I’m completely hooked! It’s about a 12-year-old girl named Koby who lives by the ocean. She lost her foot 4 years ago in an accident, her parents are splitting up, and she goes out to sea everyday in her little boat because that’s where she is happiest. One day, when she is out at sea, she comes across an injured mother whale who gives birth to a baby whale. She ends up helping them out and names the mother “Lady” and the baby “Squirt.” I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have a feeling Koby is going to make a huge difference in Lady and Squirt’s lives.

Ben Mikaelsen happens to be the author of one of my favorite novels, “Touching Spirit Bear.” Check out this Prezi presentation I found on the Internet…it ends with a book trailer on the book.


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18 responses to “Summer Reading Gets Underway!!!

  1. I’m reading Horten’s miraculous Mechanisms and i’m on page 9 and its good so for

    • heatherk5

      I don’t know this book, Ashley! You will have to tell me a little more about it when you get further into the book. I can’t wait to hear more!

    • Miss Shammas ⋅

      Ashley…I love that you are reading Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms! Who is the author again? I can’t remember! I hope you are having a good summer so far and I am so happy to see that you are reading already! Woooohoooo!

      • heatherk5

        Miss Shammas was just telling me about this book, Ashley! It sounds like it’s a good book. I just looked it up on . It’s by Lissa Evans and it’s about a boy named Stuart who is looking for his Uncle Tony who disappeared off the face of the earth, right? There’s something about Uncle Tony’s incredible workshop, too, right? I’m adding it to my Someday List, Ashley. Let me know what you’d rate it when you’re done! Thanks for sharing it:)

  2. I finshed my book and now I am going to read maky by annie heap and its good so far i’m on page 12

  3. surfer ⋅

    Hello Mrs. Kraus…I just finished up Magic and other Misdemeanors (the 5th book of the Sisters Grimm series) yesterday. That was totally my fav book in the series while it used to be The Unusual Suspects. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Sabrina & Daphne are able to break the sleeping spell on their parents. Although I might know a solution that might just lead to another mystery for the Grimm’s.
    I also finished Knucklehead and would rate it five stars! I started from the beginning. Next year if you were to finish it (which I would highly recommend that you do) you might have to skip some words or even chapters.
    I have not read Chains yet but it is on my Someday List to read.
    I don’t know what I am going to read next. I could read the 6th book the Sisters Grimm series but I am afraid that the same thing that happened with the 5th book-I am going to need a break from the series. Chains just doesn’t seem right, right now (I guess I am not in the mood.)
    I can not wait for the reunion but also can not wait for junior high. My goal is to get into honors Laug Arts, Science and Soc Studies for 7th grade. I kind of got bummed out when I realized in 6th grade that we could not do Spanish. Band is another thing I am looking forward too.
    I hope next year that you get more time in Science and Soc Studies epically in Soc Studies. Ellis Island would have probably been fun and also making it to Springfield :-).

    Got to go for now! -Garrett (surfer)

  4. surfer ⋅

    What happened to all the indents I made to the beginning of the new paragraphs!!!!!!

  5. surfer ⋅

    Maybe next year you could post some picts from Springfield…if you make it there!

  6. surfer ⋅

    I am currently reading Tales from the Hood (# 6 from the Sisters Grimm Series) and on page 240 out of 274 pages. I totally got hooked in and didn’t feel the need to take a break.
    Mr. Canis is on trial for some past crimes. The mayor’s (I can’t say who b/c that will spoil it for you) is garneted to find Mr. Canis guilty. While Sabrina & Daphne search into the story of Little Red Riding Hood they find a shocking surprise. They bring up the time when the Big Bad Wolf ate sheep, broke into the three little pigs homes and when he ate little red riding’s hood grandmother. Stay in tuned for more.

    • surfer ⋅

      I have just finished Tales from the Hood (#6) and now that was my fav book after the 5th. My order goes like this so far… #6, #5, #2, #3, #4, and last but not least #1. I don’t know how I describe the 1st book. I really liked (gave it 5 stars at the time) but compared to the others it was my least fav. I don’t know how to describe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. emmitt short ⋅

    Stranded reminds me of Free Willy or this movie called “Andre”.

    Look it up on YouTube.

  8. surfer ⋅

    I am going to put Standard on my someday list. You got me hooked in already.

  9. surfer ⋅

    Hi Mrs. Kraus… I just finished up the 7th book in the Sisters Grimm series (The Everafter War) and that is my fav book and fav book in the series! You should read them. I know who the Master of the Scarlet Hand is. That is all I really wanted to know through the book. You will be shocked by who the Master is. It will shake the family forever by knowing the Master that betrayed them. Read it Mrs. Kraus!!!

  10. surfer ⋅

    Summer is flying by! I am still reading though. I just read Hachiko Waits (gave it three stars) and now I am reading the 8th book in the Sisters Grimm Series and am giving it 4 stars. I am on page 42. I hope that Sabrina & Daphne are going to find someone very important to them and who gotten kidnapped by the Master! Stay in tuned for more. Are you still reading Stranded? I made my own Someday List and it is two sides now! I can not wait for band where I will play the Saxophone and also can not wait for Junior High to start. Have a wonderful summer!!! Surfer out! 🙂

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