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July Bloggers’ Challenge!!! Who Is Up for It???

Summer Reading

Hi, Summer Readers! I am finally settling into some great summer reads and reading routines…how about you? Every morning, after I go for my run, I come home, grab my bottle of water and my book, and I spend some quiet time reading outside in my favorite chair. That’s one of the best times of the day for me to steal reading! I hope you’re finding good times during your day to read.

I just finished reading a couple of fantastic books. The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley, “Magic and Other Misdemeanors” (Book #5). I’d give it a 5-star rating, especially because Michael Buckley gives us some more insight into the Scarlet Hand and its master. I have a great prediction as to who I think the master is…but I won’t be a spoiler and say. The other good book I just read was given to me by my very dear friend, Miss Shammas. It’s titled “Small Medium at Large” by Joanne Levy. I’d give it a 4-star rating, and I’d recommend it to girls going into junior high. I loved it because it was about a girl, Lylah, who can talk to ghosts…very high interest to me!!!

I have heard from many of you sharing what you’re reading, making awesome book recommendations, and commenting on what our other bloggers are doing…I can’t tell you how many smiles you have put on my face by telling me about your reading experiences. I know even more of you are out there having some great reading experiences, and I want to hear from YOU, too!

So…here’s your challenge! You can meet the challenge by doing one or more of the following:
1. I would love it if you could get a friend and/or family member to comment on the blog, sharing what they are reading or commenting on other blog entries.
2. Share some word games that you’ve played this summer…any will do! Are you playing word games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, or have you found any good word game apps that I need to try???
3. Spend some time reading to or with someone. (This is something I need to do more of…I have some great book recommendations I think my daughter NEEDS to read, and my son has to read “The Odyssey” by Homer this summer for one of his AP classes next year.) I promise to share if I get some reading time with them…will you share your experiences with me?
4. Have a Book Swap with some friends/neighbors. This is a great way to trade good books for other good books. It’s like a party where books are the guests of honor!
5. Have you been able to steal a little reading time each day this summer? Comment on when and where you are making time to read.
6. Keep reading and keep posting comments, recommendations, etc. You are the inspiration in summer reading for me and for others!

I can’t wait to see who’s up for the challenge…will it be you??? I HOPE SO!!! Happy reading:)


About heatherk5

I am an enthusiastic, energetic, fifth grade teacher who loves reading, writing, and working with my students.

5 responses to “July Bloggers’ Challenge!!! Who Is Up for It???

  1. surfer ⋅

    I am going to the dunes today for the 4th of July (Ashley will be coming too! She is my neighbor.) What did you do for the 4th, Mrs. Kraus. I am still reading the Secret book and love it. Reading time is slipping away from me! I am not reading as much as I could. I hope to finish the Secret book today on the car ride for the dunes. Though she does not have time now I will try to get my mom to comment on this. She is reading too! Keep reading the Sisters Grimm’s books and in the seventh book the Master will be revealed. I want to know your prediction sooo bad! Maybe you can e-mail it to me. Thanks for replying earlier.

  2. surfer ⋅

    I remember four girls reading the Secret books. Now you can add me to that list! I recommend you put them to your classroom library. I think the kids will love the opportunity for a now GREAT series. By the way, I just finished it up and gave it 5 stars. It was awesome. I am going to start Words in the Dust be Trent Reedy. The Dunes was great too! Summer is fling by… enjoy while you can. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR JUNIOR HIGH!!! 🙂

  3. Ashley ⋅

    Hi mrs Kraus this is Ashley I miss you and I am reading the book called hide and seek its about a girl who is playing truth or dare and they are really scaring her with hide and seek but I think I am giving it all away but I wonder how you are doing I really loved having you for fith grade you were amazing!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Ashley Scheiber

    • heatherk5

      Thanks for your comment, Ashley! You put a huge smile on my face every time you share with me what you’ve been reading this summer…thank you!!! It sounds like you’ve found some great books that you’re enjoying. Who is the author of that? There are many books that share the same title, so I’m just curious as to which one you read. What book has been your summer favorite? Keep up the awesome reading, Ashley. I am so proud of you!

  4. ashley scheiber ⋅

    hi Mrs. Kraus its Ashley I am reading the book called zombie butts from Uranus it is the second book of the day my butt went psycho it is fun and disturbing book to but I really miss you and I hope that you are doing well I CANT WASIT FOR JUNIOR HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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