Ready for the Kids to Arrive!

Wow! I am really pleased with how this room has come together this year. I have moved rooms each year so I was used to having multiple boxes to unpack, walls and bookshelves to fill, etc. It used to take me multliple, LONG days to get my room ready for students. It was often something I dreaded, instead of anticipated.

I’m happy to say that this year I got to stay in my same room from last year. Talk about making set-up much easier! Whew! I actually looked forward to setting up my room this year and couldn’t wait to get started. I gathered ideas from great books and websites to help come up with what would work best for my room and my students. I only had to make one trip to The Chalkboard (vs. multiple runs in the past) and $75 later (again, not bad!), the room is ready for students to arrive.

This year I wanted to make sure I created a place in my room for my Reading Corner (where all my students could sit on the floor) and my Writing Zone. This proved to be a bit of a challenge because last year I only had 20 students and plenty of extra space. This year I will have 29 wonderful kiddos…which means 9 more desks. Yikes! I had to get a little more creative in my groupings and arrangement, but I think it’ll work out. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this!

Writing Center

Reading Zone


Starting the Year With a Blank Slate

   Empty walls, shelves, desks, and chairs

I went into school the other day to look around, think about the start of the school year, and take some pics for my blog. I actually took a video of my classroom, but, as of now, I can’t get it to download…apparently it’s too big or I’m too technologically-challenged. How frustrating! I have put in a call to my favorite technologically savvy friend to see if she can help me out.

Since I couldn’t get the video to work, I went back to school this morning with my FLIP video camera in hopes of that working and…voila! Here it is!!! Can you tell I’m proud of myself? Thanks to my friend for helping me figure it all out. I’m definitely learning as I go. Just like my students, I guess.

As I hope you can see, I have a lot to work with. I have an awesome classroom, and I truly do wonder what new and special faces will be in my classroom this year. The opportunities are endless, and every day will bring something new. That’s why I believe that I have the best job in the world! Like Forrest Gump says…you never know what you’re going to get.

Preparing for a Great Year

I am really excited to get my classroom blog started! This has been a goal of mine for the past two years. I’ve attempted it before, and was minimally successful, but I felt I had limited knowledge about it…but NOW I’m ready to get started…are you ready to join me????

This summer I’m working hard (harder than I think I’ve ever worked before in my life!!!) getting my masters in literacy. What an amazing journey it has been so far! I have already read MANY books, gave several frightening presentations, researched about getting parents involved in literacy at home, and am currently learning how to meet my students’ technology needs in my classroom. And this is just the beginning!!!Summer Views of My Classroom

What I am enjoying most is working with my cohort and professors. I feel that I am learning so much, sharing ideas and gathering even more. I’m already thinking about what this will look like in my classroom next year…the possibilities are endless and exciting!